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Together we stand: How a community is uniting again with collective effort

Everyone understands that a lot of which cannot be achieved alone can be accomplished easily when united. It becomes easier to get the attention of policymakers, decision-makers, and media when people work together in groups. When a community comes together, it becomes practical to work on devising solutions for different problems. How can we forget the importance of Sangha Shakti Kalyuge? It means that there is strength in unity. In tough times, it is the community which helps its members survive. This is what the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha aims with each initiative that they launch for the welfare of the Chaurasia-Tamboli community.

“Although we are all autonomous individuals, we are inherently conditioned to seek to belong. Wherever people from Chaurasia-Tamboli samaj reside, they assimilate easily due to their simple style of living and due to their history, which guides them to serve society. But many members of the community suffer marginalisation. Whether they are rich or poor, educated or uneducated, ultimately all of us belong to a community with a rich tradition. Ours is a community that has been mentioned even in ancient texts like the Mahabharata. It is important that members can find guidance from there and feel a sense of pride.” – Mr Ramesh Chaurasia, the president of the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha said at one of the community meetings.

Taking steps towards a brighter future

The Chaurasia community is trying to become an important part of Indian society. Many people from the community are already shining and contributing in different fields. It is time that all members can enjoy the fruits of success. For this, elevating members to higher positions in public offices, bringing more people into the political arena, and having more doctors, scientists, teachers, sportspeople, etc, are crucial. This further requires a lot of hard work and focused dedication. This is because it requires efforts for ending gender discrimination, improving access to education and training, providing skills for employment, enhance self-confidence, etc.

A senior member of the women’s section of the Mahasabha said, “Ultimately, we all belong to this glorious nation. But all of us need to feel a sense of belonging. This cannot be taken from any place else. We share the same history, the same traditions, values, and love for what our ancestors did. This attempt to connect everyone is a big step in the direction of bringing people to the mainstream even from the marginalised section. It will help members gain information about the initiatives that have been started for their welfare. It will also allow us to listen to their problems and plan to solve them. Many members who are not doing well have low self-esteem which complicates their lives and family dynamics. Through our organization, the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha, we aim to bring everyone on the same pedestal and help each other do better.”

Psychologists who study groups and other experts have a firm opinion that group thinking affects individual thinking. This can be a potent tool to empower the community. The organisation regularly organizes events where the members of the community come together for various discussions and other matters. This allows members from different age groups to interact with each other and to share their knowledge too.

The long-term effects of community building

The goal of the community is not just to bring skills and employment to people, but to join the entire Tamboli-Chaurasia samaj for their welfare. Modern society has isolated people for a long time and has given rise to nuclear families. However, the Indian society has always been a traditional one with a tight focus on family and community values. The Mahasabha is trying to enrich the lives of all members of the community by bringing them together and helping them look toward a common goal. It is with the efforts of Mr Ramesh Chaurasia and his team that an entire community now feels confident in their identity. Whether it is the farmers or the women of the community, they know that they are important and a lot of things are being done for them. The Chaurasia community has been synonymous with hard work and that is what makes them special. With their hard work and the right leadership, their future looks bright.

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