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Ramesh Chaurasia – Working for women’s rights and social security

Ramesh Chaurasia – Working for women’s rights and social security

The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha is an organization that is known to continually work for the welfare of all segments of the Chaurasia-Tamboli community. The organization has a separate women’s wing called the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahila Mahasabha. It is dedicated especially to the welfare and empowerment of the women from these communities.

The president of the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha, Mr Ramesh Chaurasia believes that it is the women who are the backbone of our society because they are the ones who are the centre of a family unit. Unfortunately, women’s rights and welfare are a subject only discussed in theory and not put into practice. This is a serious concern in a changing globalized and modernized world where the sustenance of a society depends on the contribution of both male and female members.

Whenever a woman from a marginalized community finds a respectable and well-paying job, you should see the glimmer in her eyes. It is as if a lamp is lit in a dark room and every door seems to be open”

— Ramesh Chaurasia

One of the senior leaders from the women’s wing said, “Women cannot be put on the sidelines anymore. Indian women have been independent and strong since ancient times. It is a part of our culture to keep women at an equal place in the societal structure. However, this was lost somewhere unfortunately and today we see severe inequality among men and women from marginalized communities. We work along with our team and leaders to ensure that all women can meet their potential and also fulfil their dreams. Whether it is setting up small cottage industries or getting a loan for business, we ensure that women can take steps towards their development.”

The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahila Mahasabha encourages all women members of the Chaurasia-Tamboli community to work together and help each other in getting educated about better avenues for employment. It is seen that most women from marginalized communities work inMr manual labour. It is the goal of the organization to help women in finding more skill-based jobs because doing manual labour and taking care of the household and children takes a toll on women’s health. If women are made aware and helped to get skilled work, they will be able to earn more money without compromising their health.

Mr. Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia, when asked about the initiatives started expressly for women, said, “The organization takes the responsibility of setting up skill development camps for women. At these camps, top women experts from different fields are invited to spread awareness about the latest skills which women can learn to upgrade their lives and increase their chances of getting employment in clerical or other computer-based jobs. Apart from this, motivational seminars are also organized where women are encouraged to have better social security and have a better understanding of laws and schemes for them. Separate events are organized where finance experts are invited to educate women about how to invest small sums of money over a long time so that they can have enough money for their old age sustenance.”

Women among marginalized communities are often seen as dependent on their husbands or children for everything. If women can understand their rights and potential at an early age, there will be hope for them to grow into confident and powerful individuals who know their true place in their community and society.

The organization also gives scholarships to academically gifted young women so that they are encouraged to complete their education and also aim toward higher education. They are also helped to avail various scholarships given by the government to promote women’s education. The number of women pursuing higher education among marginalized communities is astonishingly low. Fortunately, with the efforts of the organization and their team, more young women are interested in getting financial independence which comes with modern skill-based jobs. Since the Chaurasia-Tamboli community is involved with betel trade and farming, more women from the community are being trained to handle the trade and business aspect of it.

“Whenever a woman from a marginalized community finds a respectable and well-paying job, you should see the glimmer in her eyes. It is as if a lamp is lit in a dark room and every door seems to be open.”- Mr Ramesh Chaurasia

Finally, there is a wave of change and more women are coming out as leaders from within the community, setting examples for the younger generation to follow.

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