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Ramesh Chaurasia- Uplifting the women of Chaurasia community

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

The Other Side- Lighting the Path, Propelling Change

Whenever the Chaurasia community is in news, it is often the men taking the centre-stage. Their problems are aplenty. Discussions and ventures have been started towards that end to bring about development and provide practical education. There has been a dedicated effort by leaders such as Ramesh LakhulalChaurasia to make betel farming sustainable as well.

Women are being heard – For a change Yet, like any discussion anywhere, it is the women folk, the nurturers and equal allies in our society who are left out of limelight. The efforts of leaders like Ramesh Chaurasia are noteworthy to empower women to talk about their problems.

A change has been heralded with women finally discussing issues, some general and some specific to them. What is most commonly seen is that economic and social deprivation have always hit the women the most, irrespective of the social strata they belong to.

How change begins – One step at a time It is important first of all to start a discussion. The change has to start from the very segment that is suffering. This is what the initiatives of AkhilBharatiyaAdarshChaurasiaMahasabha are now directed at.

How women had it worse – and came out stronger In recent times, nothing has hit women more than the Coronavirus pandemic where not just their education and employment was hit, but issues like malnourishment, period poverty and lack of awareness around it, all became too stark.

Females from the Chaurasia community were also affected as much as other communities. It was during these times that exemplary figures like Ramesh LakhulalChaurasia took the lead. He along with other members from the community not only provided basic amenities but also tried to start a discussion around topics considered taboo. These topics impact women health and their living conditions directly.

What is important is that Ramesh Chaurasia is helping people while also empowering them to face challenges on their own.

Change also comes from helping people – One at a time An old lady narrated how she was miserable and lost during the COVID lockdown since she was all alone. She approached Mr Chaurasia and was provided all necessary help. She had gone there after people around her told her she won’t come disappointed. There are numerous such incidents where people have received help or opportunities to help themselves.

Some noteworthy initiatives under the leadership of Mr Ramesh Chaurasia and Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahila Mahasabha

  • Organising women centric camps to encourage and provide employment opportunities

  • Distribution of essentials and organizing health camps in order to provide both the means and the awareness which is necessary for the community

  • Aids to help start self-employment ventures so that more employment is generated

  • Increasing participation of girls in sports and outdoor activities so that girls can succeed in extra curricular activities along with academics

  • Including more women leaders in the organisation and organisational activities

It has been true for a lot of societies that women have not been offered equal opportunities which ultimately did not enable them to find their rightful place in the society. It is the progressive leaders who motivate women and support them to stand shoulder to shoulder with men in this society. This is how communities grow as being inclusive only adds to productivity and general welfare. When one community progresses, it sets up an example for others to follow suit.

Ramesh Chaurasia has a vision to see the Chaurasia community being a progressive community which also upholds its values. He wants them to be the torch bearers of change in the society as a whole.

This is finally being reflected in the Chaurasia community as women are finding themselves working independently with other members of the community.

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