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Ramesh Chaurasia: Self Employment as The Future for Chaurasia Community

The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha, led by Mr Ramesh Chaurasia, is selflessly helping members of the Chaurasia-Tamboli community in moving towards self-employment. Covid has changed how the world works and employment also falls under the category of things that have changed.

“Employment is one of the primary issues that people from marginalized sections of society face. To be employed means to be able to feed your family and provide for them. Unfortunately, due to the rapidly modernizing world and changing trends, many people are unable to find suitable employment. We are trying to build an environment where more people can believe in themselves and think about getting self-employed. We are trying to set up more awareness and skill development camps so that more people from the community can be trained in skills that might help them in setting up their small businesses. We have been conditioned to think that employment means having a job and working under someone. Business is the force behind nation-building and we are trying to bring many people together so that they can contribute to it.” – Mr Ramesh Chaurasia said at one of the community meetings.

We have been trying to organize as many seminars and meetings as possible in different locations so that we can reach out to more people.”

— Ramesh Chaurasia

The effect of Covid on jobs and how things have changed

During the Covid pandemic, it was seen that a disastrously huge number of people lost their jobs and were left without any employment. However, the bills still had to be paid. This was true for thousands of people. Fortunately, there is nothing more powerful in the world than the human will to survive. We saw that many people never went back to look for another job because they were able to create small businesses right out of their homes. The world is now online and the online marketplace gives you endless potential if you can create and offer any service that anyone might need. This is the vision of the leaders of the Chaurasia community who are trying to open new and better doors for the people of the community.

The organization conducts seminars and group meetings where experts are invited to promote awareness about the latest business opportunities for the energy-filled youth. This gives much-needed motivation, information and awareness to the people who are then able to think about their skill development along with opportunities for a better life.

“We have been trying to organize as many seminars and meetings as possible in different locations so that we can reach out to more people. Covid has destroyed a lot of employment opportunities for a long time so we need to act fast and expose the community members to an array of new employment opportunities. You don’t have to be an expert in everything to start a new business. If you are good at one thing, you can take the help of other members of the community and start doing what you like and want. This is entrepreneurship in its rawest form and it comes from the hunger for a better life. We have not seen anyone more motivated than people who realize the importance of having financial independence and freedom. For millions, having their own business is their dream. We help them in fulfilling this dream with the help of the organization.” – A senior volunteer said when we asked them about what drives them.

It is known that the Chaurasia-Tamboli community have been historically associated with betel trade and farming. The efforts of the organization are also aimed at improving the income of marginal farmers and people who trade betel leaves. Farmers are told about the latest developments in technology which can be beneficial in increasing their produce and income. Financial awareness regarding loans and government schemes is provided to all people who work in the betel trade so that they can avail all government schemes which are designed to help them in increasing their business and income.

Mr Ramesh Chaurasia is a successful businessman, social worker, philanthropist and visionary who works along with his team to ensure that more people can live better lives. He wants to elevate the lives of marginal farmers, women, children and everyone who needs upliftment. The constant efforts of the Mahasabha are showing colour as the Chaurasia community finds the solid ground to walk on and move forward toward a bright future.

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