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Ramesh Chaurasia – Encouraging Entrepreneurship Among the Youth of Chaurasia Community

In a developing country like ours, the focus is being shifted towards being self-employed. The economical landscape is changing. The pandemic has brought with it its own challenges. Although it has hit the middle and lower classes too but some segments have been hit harder than others. The dilemma for certain communities lies in their under-representation. Certain communities may still be perceived by many to be doing fine. But in reality, they are still reeling from issues like low literacy rates, non-sustainable income sources, gender disparity, and more. Help may arrive later than usual for these sections of our society.

Building first generation entrepreneurs: A new vision

The Chaurasia community too suffers from the aforementioned issues. A large number of families are still relying, rather unsuccessfully, on traditional methods to make a living. This is why younger members of the community are trying to change the picture. They are trying to change the traditional occupational patterns while some are trying to revive those patterns to make them more lucrative and sustainable. The problems they are facing are not just related to finances. As they are mostly first generation of entrepreneurs, they do not have the exposure and knowledge which people from business backgrounds have. Add to that a lack of resources, lack of opportunities to develop specific skills, and the problem just gets bigger. With most of them starting on a small scale, the raw material cost also rises as bulk purchases cannot be made. Bulk materials cannot be stored either. This is just one of the many hurdles they face. Many of these come from lack of support, training, and management.

With the focus today on encouraging the youth from these marginalised sections to be self employed, many new schemes are initiated. But lack of awareness and sometimes inaccessibility to these schemes only compound the issue. It is in such circumstances when leaders from the community come forward and help the youth that the pradigm shift occurs.

A new approach towards skill development and entrepreneurship

Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia has been at the helm of things in his individual capacity as well as the president of Akhil Bhartiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha. During the meetings of the leaders as well as during gatherings where community members intermingle, certain aspects are discussed given special attention. The goal is to understand the hurdles, difficulties, and issues faced by budding entrepreneurs who are trying to start new businesses. People led by Ramesh Chaurasia try to arrange help in form of training programs, motivational seminars, skill development camps, awareness regarding government schemes, and by arranging meetings with successful entrepreneurs from the community.

What is commendable is the recognition of honing talent when it is young which has brought the focus on students. Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha has existing programs and many more are being planned to provide guidance from the very early stage. This will make the children of the community confident to follow their dreams and will prepare them for the challenges to come.

Everyone agrees that children are the future of the world. Healthy, aware, curious, educated, and confident children are the ones who are going to change our society for the best. This is what Mr Chaurasia believes and works towards with a vision for a better and happier society.

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