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Ramesh Chaurasia – Building platforms for cooperation, guidance, and sustenance for the Chaurasia

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha has been actively working to support all sections of the Chaurasia- Tamboli community. The goal of the organization is to help and elevate the status of the marginalized section of the community. They are actively working on the ground and helping all sections through various schemes and initiatives.

The president of the organization Mr Ramesh Chaurasia has been spearheading most of the initiatives. He is a social worker, a businessman and a philanthropist who has made it his mission to help elevate the members of the Chaurasia community to reach the heights they deserve. Traditionally and historically, the members of the Chaurasia community have been associated with betel farming.

Ramesh Chaurasia – Building platforms for cooperation, guidance, and sustenance for the Chaurasia community

Ramesh Chaurasia - Community Building
Ramesh Chaurasia - Community Building

“As a fortunate member of this community, I have the privilege and the means to help others. We are trying to start new schemes and spread awareness about existing ones so that the ones who need the most help can get it on time. Our goal is to help the women, the elderly and also children who need the most help. We plan to elevate the sections of society which are the most vulnerable. Children have a lot of potential so we have a lot of schemes going on for them. We are working on women skill development programs where women are being taught different new skills through which they can get employment and also the respect in the community.”- Mr Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia spoke about his vision.

Community weddings

The Mahasabha also organizes community weddings for youth who don’t want to put the pressure of wedding expenses on their parents. Young men and women who are orphans are also introduced to each other and community weddings are organized for them. This is a very noble cause and has helped hundreds of young couples in getting married.

“We work in the women’s wing of the Mahasabha which is called the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahila Mahasabha. We have helped thousands of women from the community through community meetings, skill camps, counselling sessions and health camps. Women from marginalized sections of any community are vulnerable. They suffer from various physical and mental issues which are never discussed. We, as the women’s wing of the Mahasabha, try to create more women-centric communities where new avenues like small businesses are discussed. Most women from marginalized societies work as manual labour and we want to change that.”- A senior volunteer in the women’s wing of the organization said.

The organization offers skill-based programs which help members of the community in getting skilled jobs in small cottage industries. Different wings of the organization work together to create a system of employment and income generation. Different events are also held to spread awareness about what is happening in various professional and business sectors.

Welfare of farmers

Since farmers form a large part of the Chaurasia community, they are helped with various schemes and programs. Agriculture experts and botanists are invited for seminars and training sessions where farmers are educated about various schemes launched by the government for their welfare. In training sessions, farmers are educated about modern methods of sustainable betel farming. They are educated about modern irrigation methods and other methods like multi-layered farming. This is to ensure that their income is increased along with the quality of their produce.

Welfare of children

Children are helped with counselling sessions and career counselling so that they can choose what to do in their future. A system is created where children who cannot afford stationery are given books and stationery at the beginning of each academic year. Children who have completed a class give their books to the students joining that class for the session. This is how a community works together to help its members.

The efforts of Mr Ramesh Chaurasia along with the team of the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha are now showing their effect. The members of the Chaurasia community are climbing the social ladder rapidly and are finding themselves in important positions whether it is business, art, politics, administrative roles, corporate roles or healthcare.

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