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Ramesh Chaurasia: Blood donation is the greatest service to Humanity

Donating blood to someone in need is the greatest service that a human being can do for another. With this vision, the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha organizes blood donation camps where members of the Chaurasia community gather for this noble cause. It is known that the scarcity of blood is a problem that is faced by numerous healthcare institutions and hospitals all across the country. Blood donation camps are one of the major healthcare services that are provided by the organization led by Mr Ramesh Chaurasia.

Awareness is the first step toward change

Awareness camps are organized where the importance of blood donation is explained to all members of the community. It is ensured that all existing misconceptions regarding blood donation are eradicated, especially among young women. Health experts are invited to health awareness camps where they explain the importance and the health benefits of blood donation to all members of the community so that they can come forward and contribute to this noble cause.

There is not enough awareness about the fact that human blood is one of the most essential resources which is a lifesaving component in every day medical practice”— Ramesh Chaurasia

We talked to Mr Ramesh Chaurasia about their initiatives related to blood donation. He said, “There is not enough awareness about the fact that human blood is one of the most essential resources which is a lifesaving component in everyday medical practice. It is our goal to encourage voluntary blood donation instead of replacement blood donation which is when family and friends have to donate their blood in times of emergency. We are trying to educate as many people as possible about this.”

Indian doctors also express that blood scarcity is a pretty common issue that they face from time to time. This is due to the unfortunate fact that there is great demand and not enough supply from volunteer donors due to the lack of awareness and the widespread misconceptions about blood donation among the general population. They believe that if these obstacles didn’t exist, the problem of blood scarcity would not exist in a country as highly populated as India.

Spreading positive health awareness with the help of experts

It is with the efforts of organizations like the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha that more people are now coming forward for voluntary blood donation. It is also through such health awareness campaigns that even marginalized communities are given the right information and guidance about health. Experts from various fields of health like child health, women’s health and mental health are invited to interact with all members of the community and interactive question and answer sessions are held so that everyone can get the best guidance personally according to their health problems. This is something very personalized and immensely helpful because personalized healthcare is still a rare thing for marginalized sections of any community.

At one of such blood donation camps, Mr Ramesh Chaurasia said, “It is always a great experience to see the enthusiasm and willingness among our people when it comes to providing help or charity. The willingness of people from the Chaurasia community is very inspiring and I am sure that they are already setting an example for other communities. We organize blood donation camps where 100% voluntary blood donation takes place from only low risk and healthy donors. Unfortunately, almost 45% of blood donation is replacement blood donation were members of the family and friends have to donate their blood or have to find donors to fulfil the need in times of emergency. Our aim should be that 100% blood should be from voluntary donors so that no one has to ask for help during times of emergency.”

Blood donation camps are just one of the several initiatives run by the organization. They are also known to actively run health awareness camps for women, children and the elderly. They regularly organize skill development camps for the youth and also women of the Chaurasia community so that they are made eligible for better job opportunities.

Mr Ramesh Chaurasia is a social worker, a philanthropist and a successful businessman. He is the president of the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha. The organization and their team are dedicated to helping all members of the Chaurasia-Tamboli community and aim towards bringing them to the centre stage in terms of getting exposure, employment and other opportunities.

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