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No Child should stay behind: Educating all children as a priority

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha is now actively investing time and effort in children’s education. It is the goal of the Mahasabha led by Mr Ramesh Chaurasia that each child should get the right to education fulfilled. If due for any reason, it is not happening, the Mahasabha comes forward and provides any form of aid that is necessary. Special programs and systems are devised through which underprivileged children are helped to get the best education and resources possible.

“Each child has limitless potential. One of the most unfortunate things to happen is when bright children do not get opportunities because of their financial disability. There are a lot of setbacks that people who live on the brink of poverty face on a daily basis. Most of all, it is education after a certain age which becomes quite expensive. We are providing financial aid to academically gifted students so that each child has hope for a better future.”, Mr Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia, the president of the organization said.

Why do many children give up education?

It is an unfortunate truth that many academically brilliant children are not able to reach their full potential because they go through a lot of stress every day. Most of this is caused due to their living environment and their financial condition. Many children have to support their families financially and that is why they even have to go to work after school. This greatly hampers their studies and does not give them time to rest and recover which is very necessary for children to learn more things.

Many times, children from poor households, even after being intelligent, perform poorly at school. There are times when they do not get time to complete their homework. Most of the setbacks are related to finances so the organization deals it at the root level. By financing the studies of underprivileged children, the organization makes sure that children don’t have to leave education due to the lack of funds. It is also ensured the children don’t have to work as manual labour. This has greatly helped a large number of children and they are doing remarkably well due to the schemes and programs developed by the organization.

“I have talked to many children who attend school during day time and then go for manual work in the fields because the family doesn’t have enough hands for work. Most of the time we are unable to help the children to a certain extent. Now imagine if you are a child and you have to work after school, will you get the time to do your homework or revision which is essential for retaining what you have learned? There are many brilliant children who are suffering because of this. Each child has a gift and if the child is always under the stress that his studies can stop at any time, there is no time left to be a child. However, with combined efforts by Mr Chaurasia and his team, a lot of children are now able to invest fully in their learning and growth.”- The principal of a village school said when asked about the current state of things.

Every step counts:

The organization works continuously to ensure that all possible resources are made available to school-going children. Programmes are developed where stationery is distributed to school going children at the beginning of each academic year. Other than this, book sharing events are planned where children who have finished a class give their books to the children who are starting the same class. This reduces the stress of buying new books and stationery. The whole community is brought together and many times it is the community that crowdfunds such events.

Seminars and meetings are arranged where child counsellors interact with the children and help them become confident and mentally strong. Counselling sessions are organized even for the parents of school-going children. English speaking classes are conducted both for children and eligible adults so that they can find the confidence to rise and succeed in this modern and globalized world.

Regular efforts like these are responsible for creating change, even if it is for one person at a time.

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