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How modernized farming methods are uplifting the farmers of a community

The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha is teaching members of the farming community how to modernize farming and increase the quality of the product along with income. Various programmes and events are conducted where expert botanists and agriculturists are brought together and they educate the farmers in implementing modern ways of agriculture in their farming practices.

“I have observed that despite being in the farming of betel leaves for centuries, our farmers are still poor and in trouble. The world is changing so rapidly that our farmers are unable to catch up with the demands of the modern market. We are trying to make sure that we can get enough help for the farmers so that they can increase their output and get better prices for the produce. Currently, we are organizing camps where modern cultivation and storage methods are being discussed. This will give a much-needed boost to our hard-working farmers.”, the national president of the Mahasabha, Mr Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia said.

The world is changing so rapidly that our farmers are unable to catch up with the demands of the modern market”

— Ramesh Chaurasia

Modernized farming should be a priority for sustainable agriculture

When we talk about modernized farming, we generally think that it is all about using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. However, the opposite is true. Modernized farming means a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to practice farming and agriculture. Modernizing farming means mostly reducing manual effort and making an efficient plan for work. It includes using modern methods of multi-layer farming, hydroponics, monoculture, pest control, weed control, storage, irrigation and more.

Modern farming is changing to be more sustainable

One thing has changed in the last few years. Earlier, modernizing farming meant aggressive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Now that we realize that the use of excessive synthetic fertilizers is not sustainable for long term agriculture as it depletes the quality of the soil over time, experts suggest using traditional fertilizers. Organic fertilizer enriches the topsoil and helps maintain a micro-ecosystem which is suitable for the growth of plants. Modern agriculture should be a combination of traditional and latest techniques put together to maximize the benefits of farming for the farmer.

“It is unfortunate that our farmers are still behind financially and socially in an agrarian society like India. With most of our economy based on agriculture, we find it alarming that those working on the grassroots level are not able to fulfil their needs. We do not find someone to blame but try to find solutions for elevating the farmers and helping them in getting what they deserve. Through our programs, we have noticed that a lot of farmers are not only entering the betel business but with the methods learned at our programs, they have increased their income many times fold as well. This is what we want to do for all the farmers of the Chaurasia community and ensure that even the youth of the community is interested in taking agriculture as a profession.”- A senior member of the Mahasabha expressed when asked about their goals for the future.

Multi-layer farming as a solution

Multi-layer farming is one of the most important revolutions that can change the lives of our farmers. By growing climate-appropriate cash crops on different levels in the same piece of land, the income of farmers can increase exponentially. This method of farming is perfect for farmers who have a small piece of land to work with. They can grow multiple crops and that too with eco-friendly methods. With the same amount of time and effort, they can create a micro-ecosystem for better growth and soil sustainability.

“We bring the most talented researchers and botanists to examine the soil and methods of farming. They are then able to fully advise our farmers about how to get a better yield while also maintaining the perfect ecological balance. Farmers are educated about government loans and government schemes so that they don’t fall into the trap of taking excessive loans. We want our farmers to prosper, as they should because, without them, our society cannot exist.”- Mr Ramesh Chaurasia said about how they are trying to bring an agricultural revolution.

The Mahasabha believes that farming is not supposed to be synonymous with poverty. With the efforts of the Mahasabha and their team, a lot of farmers are now able to make better profits and live a life of dignity.

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