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Helping the differently-abled: Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha

Ramesh Chaurasia, creating a better environment for the differently-abled.

The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha has dedicated itself to the Chaurasia-Tamboli samaj. It is making every effort to build a harmonious environment where all members across the country can interact and empower each other. A lot of initiatives are already working while many more will be available in future for the welfare of different sections of society.

A senior member of the organisation spoke to us, “We are focusing more on the marginalised community members because they must be brought to the mainstream. The Pandemic has brought to light the stark contrast where the marginalised suffer far more than others. Amongst the marginalised, even worst affected are those with disabilities. Even as a country, there is much to be done to lead to inclusiveness when it comes to differently-abled and disabled individuals. Thus, the challenge before us is a big one- to do something really path-breaking for these members of the community.”

The idea is to strengthen all individuals of the community so that they can rise on the social ladder and also live a better life.

“A country can truly progress when all its territories and communities prosper. A family can be truly happy when all members are happy and together. Similarly, for a community to prosper and progress, all sections have to be empowered and supported. As it has not been too long since the efforts to get the community together have started, it will take time for the results to show. You will see some changes very soon, you can already see many changes, while some things will be visible after some time. But we are not leaving anyone behind. Whether it is education, training, community help, or it is providing opportunities for work, initiatives are designed keeping in mind the larger picture. Dedicated programs for different segments are also designed. In time, everyone will see us as an example to emulate.”- A young volunteer from the Mahasabha spoke about the initiatives.

Creating a better environment for the differently-abled

The environment is one of the primary factors which limits or enhances a person’s experience and ability. Due to inaccessibility of public spaces, lack of understanding of emotional upheaval and health demands, lack or sometimes the absence of social support, disability can be an excruciating experience. Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia is trying to work on destroying the barriers between social support and social interaction. Under his leadership and vision, the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha is making efforts to sensitise families about the needs of this segment of our society. This is how the change at ground level will start which can then escalate and pressurise policymakers to improve accessibility for movement, positive experience, and also to involve this segment in fruitful employment

A journey filled with obstacles

When asked by what type of obstacles are you facing, Mr Ramesh Chaurasia shared a few things, “First of all we have to bring awareness. Work needs to be done to end social taboos as well as to free people from superstitious beliefs. Healthcare is another area to be worked on. Special educators are not easily available so people from within the community as well as social welfare groups need to work together. There are different types of disabilities, mental and physical limitations. All need different types of support, a better understanding, varied vocational training, rehab in some cases, and so on. But we cannot let their potential go untapped. But above everything else, their rights as humans must be protected. We must refer to the WHO convention for the same and treat it as a human rights issue. Indian agencies to have their own programs and setups which are a framework for us to work on. Right from protection to education, inclusion to creating employment, a lot is to be done. And it will be done.”

It is with the will of people that society changes shape and is able to make itself more accessible for people with different needs. The differently-abled must be given a chance to do their best and live a life filled with dignity.

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