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Fighting poverty in rural India: How things are changing

It is a known fact that almost two-thirds of India’s poor live in rural areas. Poverty is a vicious thing which compels people to take drastic steps like leaving their villages and moving to the cities in search of better employment so that the family can have a better life. Many people move from villages to the cities for their children to get a better education and a bright future.

Mr Ramesh Chaurasia, the president of the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha has been devoted to the cause of helping alleviate poverty in rural communities. He has worked extensively for the upliftment of the Chaurasia community. The Chaurasia-Tamboli community is a community of traditional betel farmers who have been historically cultivating Paan leaves. The Mahasabha and their team have helped the community in progressing forward with various schemes aimed at providing healthcare, education, skill development, digital education, adult education, farming assistance and more.

Here are some of the areas in which Mr Ramesh Chaurasia and his team are working

Adult education

Rural poverty is prevalent in Indian villages because most elders in the village are not educated. This lack of education limits everyone to upgrade their profession or increase their income. Farming is labour-intensive work which is not turning out to be lucrative for most small-scale farmers because they own very little land. This is why adult education is essential for those who want to get benefit from the avenues which open up with education. Manual labour should not be the only opportunity available in villages or rural areas. Today, we have the cheapest mobile internet in the world and this can be used by people in far-off villages to get remote jobs which can be done from home.

Career counselling

The Mahasabha has launched several career counselling centres where all members regardless of their age can seek assistance regarding their professional or career goals. It is the goal of the organization to ensure that all children and young people are able to get the best guidance when it comes to choosing a profession after completing school or college education. This has enabled thousands of young adults to find the correct path in their life according to their interests and aptitude.

Personality development

When young people and children from villages move to cities, it is often seen that they are lacking the confidence to interact with more people. This also stops them from finding better career opportunities since most organizations need dynamic and confident individuals. This is why the Mahasabha organizes personality development seminars in rural areas where such things do not generally happen. This provides excellent positive exposure to those who have been unable to find opportunities due to low confidence or poor communication skills. The best experts are invited to train people so that they can also polish their personality and work as confident individuals in society.

Farming aid and assistance

Since the majority of the rural population is involved in agriculture, a lot of attention is paid to people who are into farming. It is obvious that reducing poverty among farmers will be a consequence of increasing their revenue from farming. This can be done by utilizing technology and fulfilling the demand for organic produce which is sold at higher rates because of its high quality and chemical pesticide-free nature. Farmers are also encouraged to test methods like multi-layered farming where multiple crops can be grown on the same piece of land. This method is also beneficial for soil and water conservation.

We talked to Mr Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia, the president of the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha. His words were highly inspiring. He said, “70% of India’s population lives on a rural income. This means that by increasing the income of rural households, we can improve the lives of 70% of people in India. This is the greatest thing that we can do for Indian society. The government is already working on this with the National Rural Livelihoods Mission. If more social welfare organizations join this fight against poverty, we can liberate the country from the curse of poverty. We are doing our part and I am proud of our team and the community members that work for the benefit of others.”

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