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Every child is precious: Chaurasia community come together to help

“With the right guidance, every child can shine”- Ramesh Chaurasia

The focus should be on E-Learning; Financial assistance; model based on sharing & keep Mental health as a priority says, Ramesh Chaurasia

The president of the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha, Mr Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia when asked about his motivation, said – “It is a bitter truth that there is inequality in society and people lead totally different lives based on the exposure and opportunities they get. It is my goal to ensure that each child gets equal opportunity and is offered the best learning resources so that he or she can get the confidence to grow with the other sections of society. I believe that children are the makers of tomorrow and I am someone who wants to see a better future for our community and the whole nation.”


A dedicated free E-learning portal has been launched where community members can get access to the latest educational resources. E-books and digital copies of course material is made available easily so that children do not have to pay for online learning on other platforms. This platform is also constantly updated.

Financial assistance

Under the leadership of Mr Chaurasia, the organization organizes numerous events, seminars and training sessions where hundreds of children are helped in different ways. They also aim to provide financial assistance to underprivileged students from the community who are academically gifted. This will also motivate other children and give them confidence that they can pursue uninterrupted education without any lack of required funds. Crowd-funding from within the community can be put to great use to fulfil this purpose.

A model based on sharing

The organization aims to develop a model of stationary distribution where children are given stationery at the beginning of each academic year. Arrangements will be made for the transfer of books from children who have completed the session to the ones who are joining the session. This will also reduce the burden of buying new books on the parents.

They aim to create more institutions for children like schools, hostels and community centres which will be used to educate more children while providing them housing and guidance from professionals. At these community centres, debate competitions, essay competitions, public speaking seminars and personality development programmes will be organized.

Talking about child development, Mr Chaurasia said - “We aim to empower our children by training them in soft skills which are required for them to grow confident and compete equally with children from other sections of the society. We want the children to have access to the latest learning methods so that they are not left behind.”

Mental health as a priority

The organization is already taking a lot of steps to ensure that children from the Chaurasia community get the best guidance and care.

To help the children deal with the daily stress that they have to face in their lives as the most vulnerable section of society, counselling sessions are organized where children are guided by professionals who help them channel their energy in the right direction. Career counselling experts are appointed to identify the skills of children based upon their aptitude and interest so that they can be given specific education for the future. It is through such active steps that children feel involved and cared for.

The Chaurasia community works every day with a belief that it is our children that hold the keys to open doors to a better world.

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