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Community leaders join hands to bring together all sections of the Chaurasia community

Leaders of the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha are working boundlessly to ensure that all sections of the Tamboli and Chaurasia community are brought together in one circle. It is their aim to find more ways for their united empowerment and upliftment.

When asked about the initiatives, national president of the organization, Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia said “We aim to serve, help, educate and empower all members of the community so that no one is left out. There are a lot of areas in which our community lacks exposure and we are trying to ensure that they are provided all the needed guidance to bring them to the centre stage among other communities. We want to open all doors for them. Our initiatives are diversified across the nation.”

We aim to serve, help, educate and empower all members of the community so that no one is left out.”

— Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia

Better education for children

The organization is dedicated towards providing help and guidance in every possible way to all children who are under privileged or are in need of assistance. Programs are developed so that children are distributed free stationery at the beginning of each year. An E-library has been launched where everyone can have access to digital copies of study material.

Skill development programmes for eligible adults

Youth of the community is trained under experts so that they are made eligible for the latest jobs. Computer learning courses are offered for free so that all eligible young adults are able to get work in the IT industry and related fields.

Women empowerment schemes

The organization has a separate women’s wing called the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahila Mahasabha. It is dedicated towards elevating women from disadvantaged sections of the Chaurasia community. Exclusive skill development camps are sponsored for women so that they can get out of manual labour and become eligible for skill-based work. Women are also educated to start small cottage industries so that they can generate employment for other women of the community.

Guidance for sustainable farming of betel leaves

Since a large section of the Tamboli and Chaurasia community is involved in traditional betel farming, it is ensured that they can maximize their profits and improve the business of betel trade. This is done by organizing seminars for farmers where they are taught modern farming methods like multi-layer farming. They are taught how to reduce wastage and maximize revenue by processing the produce that would otherwise go to waste. They are also educated about loans and finances.

Career counselling

Awareness camps are sponsored where different employment schemes run by the government are discussed. The youth is given guidance on how to find these jobs and apply successfully for them. Additionally, career counselling seminars are held where the youth are taught different skills required to clear interviews and excel in corporates too. Personality development and spoken English classes are offered so that the youth of the community can learn soft skills.

“We have a broad team of leaders, members and volunteers working round the clock to uplift people from the marginalized section of our community. We want to ensure that each child gets the best education which is the means to a better future. With women empowerment initiatives, we are re-shaping our society and giving it an added boost. Times have changed and we need to change with them. I want to see the community prosper and succeed. With Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia as our leader, I think we will achieve this goal very soon”- Said one of the leaders of the women’s wing of the organization.

About the organization

The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha is an organization that aims to connect all segments of the Tamboli and Chaurasia communities. They aim to aid and uplift all the sections of the community that need help. They work to spread awareness among the community and organize several programs aimed towards the progress of the society.

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